Teanobi - Japanese Green Tea and Matcha


In 2002 I was lucky enough to enjoy my first trip through Japan. On my trip my eyes were opened to the vast variety and amazing flavors of tea that I had never experienced. Upon returning to the US I had a difficult time finding the quality of the teas in which I had grown to love. I found that most tea companies in the US either focus on their packaging with a high price or focus on a low price but low quality. It was very difficult to find very high quality tea at a reasonable price. So, to get the fresh high quality teas I enjoyed, I ended up having to import the teas myself from a supplier in Japan. Over some time I shared them with friends and family and they asked me to import some for them as well. I remember they used to tell me “I have never experienced tea like this before. After some encouragement I started selling them at the local farmers market.