Mikä-Art - Finnish art


Have you thought about getting art to your home or to your workplace, but you don’t quite know how and where? A store that is specialised to be an intermediary of art has opened its doors in Fiskars. Mikä-Art is a warm hearted shop, where you can get to know the artwork of several artist. From Mikä-Art you can easily find an artwork for your home. You can also use our webshop. When you will find an artwork that speaks to you, you can take the artwork right away with you. Or if you have bought an artwork from our webshop, we will deliver it to you as the way you want and as fast as possible. An artwork is like a new family member. It brings joy and fresh thoughts, but it needs to be taken care of and be respected. At best the artwork will be a life long partnership. For us in Mikä-Art is important that the art will find itself a loving home, for that is what every artwork deserves. Welcome to visit Mikä-Art shop and webshop. We are there for you and we will gladly help you to find the best artwork for you.