Khemcorp - Biohack your destiny


Khemcorp was created after I had bought Proglumide off the internet from a website called Kratom Dragon and never received it, as a result of my frustration of being unable to obtain this useful product I have decided to start my own website selling it. I am originally from the UK, though have moved to Hong Kong due to economic difficulty in Europe. My personal information is publicly online and visible on whois. So I decided to start a website that would sell novel khems, a clear cut website, guaranteed purity and basically in the long term anything that people are seeking but not readily available to the masses for reasonable prices yet , such as Oxytocin, NSI, Certain nootropics and so on. Our motto is miscellaneous items for enhanced research, and recently – treating those left behind. As of July 2016 we are now a small team of people lead by me.