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Ipsodis travels through Italy to bring you the best. Here are our latest finds and novelties: David Sterza has just released his Amarone 2015 ... a bomb to reserve. The guide Robert Parker passed the end of August 2019 and has awarded him the excellent mark 95/100. David also shares his confidential vintage Pagoda (2000b / year) with an original blend (Syrah + Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot) according to the method of Amarone (Appassimento): terrible! We have also returned his 100% Corvina wine (one of the characteristic Valpolicella grape varieties). Daniele Portinari joins our catalog with two unfiltered "natural" cuvées with no added sulphites: Pietrobianco (Pinot blanc & tocaï) and Tai Rosso (Taï, Grenache's cousin): the fruit and the terroir in its glass.