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We are, established in 2000 we are accepted worldwide as a reliable resource of incenses and related products. Incense is a preparation of aromatic organic materials, intended to release fragrant smoke when burned. Familiar to humanity since the dawn of civilization, it has meant different things to the different peoples who have come to use it. Hinduism was possibly the first religion in which incense was used and sacrificed to show loyalty to God. As part of the daily ritual worship within the Hindu tradition of India, incense is offered to God in His deity forms, such as Krishna and Lord Rama. This practice is still commonplace throughout modern-day India, it is said in Bhagavad-Gita that Krishna accepts the offering made to Him with love, it is on this principle that articles are offered each day by temple priests, or people with an altar in their homes. offers incense in all of its many forms (herbs, woods, gums, resins, sticks, crystals) from a wide variety of cultures from around the world. Welcome to the world of incense !