Compudemano - Colombian electronics store


We are a Colombian company that starts operations as a website in mid-2002 under the name LaTiendaPalm due to the love of its founder Andrés Pinilla for Palm handhelds and Sony Clié, there we published information about the handling of such devices, we offered training and configuration services, in addition to selling equipment, programs and accessories. At the beginning of 2003 we changed the name to Compudemano because since that year we understood that the future was in mobile devices and that at some point they could perform the same tasks of traditional computers. In that same year, our website became one of the most known and influential Spanish-speaking PDA portals receiving awards.of the specialized national and international press during the following years. In August we transformed the virtual into tangible, we opened our first office in the city of Pereira and from there we became known for being one of the first sites with electronic commerce in the country, to the forums, to our knowledge of mobile technologies and for The excellent attention we offer to our customers.